Paternity Leave Side Project

Thu Feb 10 2022

10 months ago I became a father for the first time! To keep track of how far I pushed my baby boy around in a stroller/jogger during my paternal leave, I created a small web app with tech that was unfamiliar to me. 65 days into my paternity leave I've covered 503 kilometers, and I've been out more than 100 hours.

I usually track my runs/hikes/skiing with my Garmin Fenix 3 watch, which syncs to Strava. Since I usually don't record any regular walks with my GPS watch, the app fetches all walks from Strava during my paternity leave and plots them on a map including some summary statistics.


The app is built with SvelteKit and deployed to with Vercel where you can check it out yourself. If you'd like to checkout the code, I've open-sourced it on I had a great time deploying the app with Vercel, and tweeted about it which generated a bit of traffic on my, not so busy, Twitter account.

I think I'll make it to 700 kilometers before I return to work, but we'll see!